Minorities Issues in the New Europe

The last battle for Kosovo

We read in Euractiv some days ago that EU called on Serbia to abandon its last battle. After the setback that meant the opinion of International Court of Justice on the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo, saying that such unilateral acts did not violate international law, Serbia has launched an offensive to win in diplomatic tables what it did not win on site. A UN resolution draft that could be approved in mid-September, calls for dialogue on outstanding issues and condemned Kosovo’s declaration of independence.

Brussels has informed Belgrade that its insistence on that resolution, -and the claim of Kosovo, of course-, could undermine its aspirations to join EU. In my post “Serbia submits the application for accession to European Union: another lamb to the slaughter” I warned that this conditioning -waiver of sovereignty in exchange for membership- would occur.

It is really outrageous that EU takes sides in these issues when on the occasion of previous enlargements turned a deaf ear to such disputes. Some of the recent EU members such as Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and older ones, like Greece, had on their territories well-found aspirations from national minorities, not of independence, as is the case of Serbia, but of simple autonomy, without EU did anything to help them, or made the membership conditional on the solution of the existing conflicts.

Now EU gets into a mess and involved itself in matters to which earlier had resigned for considering them out of its competence. Will it be so in the future or is it Serbia an exception?

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